How to teach coding with GENIBOT?

GENIBOT is a robot that can be used systematically from the age of three.
Children can improve their creative thinking and problem-solving skills, which are the core competencies of future talent through GENIBOT, and understand and design algorithms.
Step 1: Learn the algorithm by manually manipulating the card
Step 2: Various activities using coding card and OID sensors
Step 3: Block coding activities such as Scratch and Entry with smart devices
Step 4: Advanced creative activities using extended sensors and Lego bricks
and you can learn coding to use Python or connect Arduino.

How to connect GENIBOT to a smart device or PC?

The Bluetooth method is used when you connect GENIBOT with a smart device or PC,
When the GENIBOT connects via Bluetooth, the LED on the top of the GENIBOT will turn blue.

Is there a GENIBOT function update? If so, what should I do?

In order to improve the functions of various apps and programs linked with GENIBOT, firmware updates can be performed.

You can update with two clicks from the ‘Firmware’ menu at the bottom of the ‘GENIBOT App’.

What is the battery usage time and charging time of GENIBOT?

The battery capacity of GENIBOT is 1,000mAh, and it can be used continuously for about 4 hours when fully charged. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

How can I purchase additional parts or accessories for GENIBOT?

GENIBOT is an all-in-one coding education robot and cannot be repaired/disassembled arbitrarily.

Additional accessories available for GENIBOT are ①Robot Arm ②Pen Holder ③Lego wings.